Thursday, September 7, 2017

Introduction To Me

My name is Vinay Mummareddy and I am a junior at Flint Hill High School. My goals for this class is to become a more confident public speaker and understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. Outside of class I enjoy playing tennis and plan to play on the team here at Flint. Despite being new to Flint Hill I already feel part of the family. Everyone here is very friendly and took me in as if I was their best friend. Overall, I feel this year is going to be very successful and enjoyable.

About me

I'm Carter and I am an aspiring businessman with hopes to solve the most urgent problems that are currently pestering our society. I have a wide variety of hobbies from watching sports to photography. I have always enjoyed helping others and making the community more positive.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Introduction - DJ Young

About Me

My name is DJ Young and I am a sophomore at Flint Hill School. When people look at me they see a black male. I want the world to hear my name and know that I am a successful black entrepreneur. I am passionate about creating generational wealth for my family so they won’t have to live under the same circumstances my elders lived through. My greatest strength is my ambition since it forces me to see fruit in fruitless situations. When my meeting with success arrives and my money is too much for me to handle I will simply pay it forward. I will do so by providing economic stability to those who come from worse circumstances as me and those who are less fortunate. I want my name to mean something for generations to come and I am beginning my legacy now.

Introduction - Alex Moran

About Me

My name is Alex Moran.  I'm interested in sailing, paintball, etc, as well as business, which is why I'm here. If i had to describe myself it would be determined and hardworking, especially in relation to things I am passionate about. I hope to come away from this class with experience in the field that could possibly help me in the future. My family has always taken the business route, and I hope to follow in their footsteps. I'd like to say I'm a pretty good asset when it comes to technological aspects & graphic design, but I'm also very creative if necessary.

About Me - Kevin Cruz (Wagner College Commit)

Hey guys - My  name is Kevin Cruz and I am an twelfth grader at Flint Hill School. To date, I have been at Flint Hill for three years. Before I came to Flint Hill I went to Robinson Secondary School for three years. Coming from Robinson, I knew I wanted to learn about business and how to run one, and at Flint Hill, I quickly came to realize that they offered these types of classes here. In this business class, I hope to learn how to run a successful business as well as how to manage one.

About me

I'm Aidan I am a future business owner, I hope to start an e-commerce website and sell clothes online. My dream is to after this class start a business in high school and build it until my senior year. Then in my senior year, I will hire someone to take over the company while I go to college then I will grow it as much as possible. 

About me- Kyle Jung (Washington College commit)

I'm passionate about lacrosse represented in the picture below. I hope to learn about the wonders of business management and how to spark a business. I think the gif below is the right way to start off a business.

Inline image 1

EXPOSED: Flint Hill student Tim Rupli...

Joins a small business class at school. He is a multi-sport athlete who plays lacrosse and golf at his high school. As noted by my "about me" section, I dabble in the outdoors, and do have a recurring tendency to wear Hawaiian shirts upwards of three times a week. Tim's favorite brands are Patagonia and Yeti. #sent

About me

I'm passionate about the outdoors, as noted by my picture. I hope to learn more about business management and how to better come up with ideas for small businesses. I look forward to my time in this class.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Small Business Startup...Year FOUR!

Today we kicked off the fourth iteration of our Small Business Startup class with several creativity challenges and some opportunities for discomfort.  Students completed the 30 circle challenge, tried to make phone stands out of Strawbees, and succeeded at the fist bump challenge with MakeyMakeys.  When asked why they completed these seemingly random activities on the first day of this class, students responded in the following ways: (these are just a few examples)

"To prepare and train ourselves to start thinking outside of box and to start to try and think of innovative ways to solve problems." (Carter)

"We completed these three activities on the first day of Small Business Startup class to show our creativity and it was an test that proved our ability to make something out of nothing." (DJ)

"To learn how to creatively make solutions to problems given limited resources. This is vital to business making as most successful businesses are those that fill a niche by solving a problem in a new, and better, way than done before." (Alex)

They did not appear worried that the first day of class had seemingly nothing to do with starting a small business.  I can't wait to see what these students create this semester!