Friday, January 12, 2018


Throughout the semester I am happy I got the opportunity to share my business idea, CarChange, with my classmates. Building a website and creating marketing content was a lot of fun and I was able to learn a lot while at it. Although, I had no prior skills related to starting a business I was able to educate myself by reading articles and watching videos. In the future, hopefully one day I can pursue the business and start it on a smaller scale. I would plan on starting in a small city and see how successful it is and expand from there. From this semester I've learned to be more confident when I speak and improved my powerpoint slides. I'm glad I took this class as I have learned information beyond a textbook and will carry this experience with me for the rest of my life.


I learned a lot about starting a business, especially on the marketing part. I did not really interested in the shoe gambling stuff but it taught me a lot of stuff. 

I will study business management in college. Since I am interested in luxury goods, I may study luxury management in the future.

A Reflective Reflection

Over the course of this semester, I have learned a lot about my business - what works, what doesn't, and what can be done to improve it. I have also learned a lot about how I can go about making it a reality... Only the future can tell if it happens, though! Guess we have to see ;)

Final Reflection

My contribution to the company is that I helped make the presentations and I calculated all the money needed to make to make the company possible and what the money is going to be used for. Also, I helped write the script and helped out on writing the canvas presenting how we plan on creating our products. The skills I have that related to starting my business is that I have the determination and experience that is related to paleo eating. I have the understanding of the benefits that Paleo experience has. It has a beneficial effect of having more energy throughout the day. I learned the basics in starting up and company. I also learned that I am good presenter, however, I still have room for improvement to becoming a better presenter.


I contributed to the business by helping Kyle with finance, creating our logo, and designing our MVP. I now know how to plan a company, how to pitch an idea, and how to create some form of an MVP. In the future, I believe that it is a completely viable option to start a business similar to Paleo Express.

Reflection (the best one)

As I look back upon my first semester of senior, I cogitate what could have been, what has been, and what will be. In Mrs. Starne's Small Business Startup class, for example, Kevin and I created a business that has the potential to change the doggie world. My contributions to this business include my physical additions such as a lot of the writing and planning, as well as my vast knowledge of the doggie door "game" I have bestowed among my peers. In this class, I have learned a lot more about business then just doors. I have learned to acknowledge (but not fully accept) the fact that people are willing to fund business ideas out of the kindnesses of their hearts without getting anything in return except for the satisfaction of helping people, which is something that, if the opportunity presents itself, I will take full advantage of in various aspects of my life. Although that is probably the most surprising and important thing I have learned in this class, it is not the only thing. I have learned a lot about business strategy and what it takes to actually start a business, which is a very good thing to know because it seems like a lot of people go in without any knowledge of how to actually get a business going. Something that I learned about myself that was pointed out to me by Mrs. Starnes is that I have a surprisingly cynical approach to the notion of people spending money out of the kindness of their hearts, but I am working on fixing that through my own personal experiments.  My future plans as a result of this class is, of course, to take the follow-up class to this class: Social Entrepreneurship.

Semester in Review (yesssirrrr)

throughout the semester we worked on a few projects and learned key planning skills for future businesses. my contributions to the class included my groups project, autodoggo; an automatic pet door company. throughout the semester we built on our idea of how we were going to build and improve out website and prototype. the skills i learned about starting a business included knowing how to plan everything out step by step and also good ways to present without making your peers space out quickly. my future plans as a result of taking this class, is taking social entrepreneurship next semester. having the same teacher and students in my class, means that we will all be on task as we have all been together for the whole year. i have learned a lot about me through this class. i never thought i would have been this engaged in a class that was so fun to be in. having past business skills, i excelled in this class.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Pitchin' Developments

After a brutal day on the hot seat, we've discovered a new way to approach our business - as well as introduce it to others! We have now revised our pitch slides to approach things in a different order - one that makes it more "friendly" for newbies to be introduced to the market. As for the actual 'talk' itself, we will re-word and re-adapt to the new slide order, and slow down in order to make sure our listeners are on-pace with us.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Fix the Pitch

To fix my pitch there are multiple changes I would like to make to the information I presented and the slides my audience saw. To change my pitch I am going to make it clear the two markets I am trying to grasp. That is the people who are going to rent cars and the people who are going to list their personal car. By doing this I can clear up a lot of confusion received during my presentation. I also want to be more clear about why people would choice my business over using a rental car company.

In my slides I will add two slides which clarify the two markets I am trying to tap into. One will be about who the renters are and the demographics about them. And the other will be about the listers and also describe their demographics. The rest of the slides can stay the same since they were mainly pictures and I only need to revise what I say.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Revised Pitch Deck and MVP

New Pitch Deck:

What's Different and what did I learn?...

One of Mr. Harry Alford's major critiques in response to my presentation was that my slides did not correspond with my oral speech. He pointed out that I needed to make my slides more relevant to my company and the slide argument type, rather than solely focusing on what I am trying to explain. An example is me creating a slide about my company with an "about me" image rather than finding an image of something that is relevant to my company, better yet of my company that helps describe my company.

To fix my mistakes, I simply put more slides that have relevant company and industry images or data to help explain my point.

The advice Mr. Alford gave me will help me in my future presentations that involve slides.

Subsequent to the knowledge I gained from my pitch, I was able to create more MVP's (better the website) and develop my previous MVP which was my social media.

The link to my social media and website is below: