Thursday, November 16, 2017

What I learned from the Hot Seat

Yesterday I was put in a "hot seat" of sorts in front of my classmates and was asked hard questions about my idea/business, it went as I thought it would and I learned a lot from it. I now know what exactly I need to look up and research who I want to make my clothes what they will look like I need to look more closely with my competitors and try to brainstorm ideas from there designs take what they have done and learn from it and use what I learned in my ideas and in my designs. The hot seat also gave me a lot to think about sales wise I originally didn't want my logo to be a major part of the clothes to try and be different from my competitors but when talking to people about it they disagree its something to think about. Overall the hot seat was a major learning experience and it gave me a lot of things to think about.

-Aidan Shields-Eads

Shoe lotto update after hotseat

After the hotseat Roy and I have been reassured on what we need to adjust and research in order to make this a successful company.

My Buns Are Burnin Cuz of The Hot Seat🔥🔥🔥

This week in class we had the "hot seat" where we were answered questions from other groups about our companies. It was sort of a rapid fire thing where the questions just kept coming. After answering all the questions I could, and getting feedback from other groups, I have made improvements and adjustments to my product, AutoDoggo. Our product has been updated and we have new ideas coming in the future and we are excited to announce them at a later date. Our future plans for our company and product are to spread the company throughout the US and later, the World. #moneyexpandingcompanyexpanding #bunchadogs


As a result of sitting on the hot seat a couple days ago there are many logistics I need to figure out. One of the most important ideas was to figure out my pricing logistics. This includes how much my company will make on each transaction, will the renter or our company set the price for the cars, and if there should be a fee to list your car on our website or app. These are all significant decisions which will determine whether or not customers are attracted to my company. Other topics I learned about from the hot seat was to find a way to convince my customers it is safe to rent out their car. I plan on achieving this by guaranteeing every renter full coverage on their car if it is stolen or damaged. Lastly, I need to decide where and how the transaction will occur between two people, this is important because customers should feel safe renting from a stranger. Currently, I am working on finishing my website and there has been significant progress since our last update. We hope to get our website up and running asap and listings/purchases soon!!!

Hot seat blog post

The average dinner costs about 13 dollars to make, so Kyle and I will charge 18 in order to turn a profit. If we were to sell just 5 meals a week to make, we would make 25 dollars in profit. Over the course of one month, we could make 100 dollars profit. This was our biggest concern in terms of pricing and MVP.

Comedy Central Roast of DOBot - Aftermath

DOBot has been through the hot seat - and come out the other end better for it!
We've listened and discussed the details of our business and have come across a concern that we will address in the below post.

"Can DOBot really monetize on discord? Is it even allowed?"
Answer: Yes, it can! It has been done before but not in the same format on DiscordApp. AKA: Bots with premium services you have to pay for, etc. The terms of service also lack constraints in this regard.

As for progress, we will now begin concept design and formatting of the website's administration panels / config panels as well as the bot's design/formatting.

Stay tuned for more!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

we have just launched our website! below is the link to our website. please check it out! this website took a long time to make and we feel like it is a great website!

Monday, November 13, 2017

     C&C social media posts.

Website progress shown.

I have Ideas for ads that will promote my site and I have started up a logo

Friday, November 10, 2017

Model Instagram and Facebook post (Paleo Express)

Want a new way to eat healthier and do more for your body? Look no further! Kyle Jung and I have started a new and innovative way to eat healthier and be better. Our paleo delivery service will work numbers for your body, and with a plethora of options to choose from, there is no shortage of variety and choices.